The story behind  
WeAllEdit is an online service owned by LanguageWire A/S, one of northern Europe’s leading providers of translation services.

The idea for WeAllEdit came from the desire to rationalize and increase the efficiency of the proofreading of graphics documents by businesses. Enormous resources are invested daily in the proofreading and validation of documents which are created by graphic designers and which have not been proofread or approved; a process which often involves many different individuals throughout the world and in which corrections are traditionally made via yellow notes in PDF format or by hand as printed copies. The result is a process which takes a long time, costs money and, not least, results in far too many unnecessary errors.

WeAllEdit offers a radical alternative approach to the proofreading process. In short, WeAllEdit is a work tool which renders superfluous many of the processes that are currently necessary for proofreading a document. Instead this is carried out via a simple 4-stage process.
1. The InDesign document is uploaded.
2. Proofreaders are invited.
3. Proofreaders can log in and edit the text. Alterations are automatically transmitted to the original document so the proofreader can see how the changes are being implemented.
4. The assignment is concluded. The file can then be downloaded and prepared for printing.
WeAllEdit is a part of the LanguageWire group. With 150 employees, a network of more than 5000 translators, and offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Hamburg, Munich, London, Gdansk and Kiev, we draw upon a very large network of resources. LanguageWire is also a Adobe Solution Partner, which gives us direct access to Adobes programmers, regarding our questions for InDesign. 
WeAllEdit has three target groups:
1) Businesses which need to rationalize internal proofing- and validation-processes
2) Advertising agencies, printers, etc., who want to offer their customers access to WeAllEdit
3) Publishers who want to optimize their production, Nitivej 10, 1st floor, 2000 Frederiksberg, Tel: +45 7023 0177