WeAllEdit saves Danske Bank 1,500 hours in its first year.
The feedback after the first 17 months of working with WeAllEdit is positive. “We have now run more than 1,700 documents, totalling 11,586 pages, through WeAllEdit and have saved more than one hour per document, on average, so it fully lives up to our expectations. We have also conducted a qualitative follow-up, and there is great satisfaction with the system among project managers and graphic artists - and, most importantly, there are never any problems with the system,” says Klavs Hjort.
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WeAllEdit streamlined processes for Novo Nordisk.
Susan Blesener says: “WeAllEdit streamlined processes, removing what had previously involved double work, with changed made first to PDFs and then in InDesign. Being able to edit directly in the document means we saved 15 percent on desktop publishing and we reduced the number of late nights and overnights worked. I also have more flexibility to travel for business during the crunch period since I can access WeAllEdit from anywhere.”

“WeAllEdit was a major success for us,” Susan Blesener says “and we intend to use it more extensively going forward”.
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Efficient reference manual production using WeAllEdit
“WeAllEdit is incredibly user-friendly. We have not had to use extra resources to train our colleagues in the subsidiary companies. After having seen the WeAllEdit demo, they were immediately able to use the system,” asserts Anne Hansen, who goes on to express her immense satisfaction with the support and service she has received.

“In my view, WeAllEdit is a global product which can be used everywhere by everyone. The time saved is considerable and quality is ensured throughout the process.”
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Premiere - a hectic process.
WeAllEdit saves time for Blockbuster and Chili Group
The graphic designer said: “WeAllEdit has made my job so much easier. Before, we printed and sent proofing sheets back and forth and I had to implement the others’ corrections. Now they carry out their own proofing and are responsible for making sure this is done correctly. All I have to do is open a “change report” (overview of implemented changes) and a “graphic report” (overview of comments about the graphics) and adjust text boxes and various other things that need modifying.”

“WeAllEdit is quite simply marvellous!”
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Who benefits from it already?
WeAllEdit is already making a big difference for a wide range of customers. Below you will see examples of businesses which have used WeAllEdit:

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Relevans
• DEVI (Part of Danfoss)
• Ingelise
• Chili Group
• Blockbuster
• Konica
• Byro
• Bosch Siemens
• Where2Go
• Woco
• DDB Synergi
• Lbi
• Nike
• Microsoft
• Ladegaard
• Brandhouse
• Thrane & Thrane
• Datagraf
• Widex
• Mediegruppen
• Abena
• Jyske Bank
• Danske Bank
• Swedbank
• Pandora
• And several others

We sponsor the Danish AMNESTY International magazine, which uses WeAllEdit for proof reading.

We also sponsor a part of the Danish Red Cross which uses WeAllEdit for proof reading of their magazine.


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