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WeAllEdit is a super simple work tool which can be used by everyone.

You can easily begin using the system and its most basic functions. Gradually, as you become familiar with this type of work, you will certainly discover many exciting possibilities.

The feedback we get from clients is that they save between 30 and 80 % of their time used in the proof reading process. So Return On Investment is huge for everybody who takes advantage of the unique workflow in WeAllEdit.

The list below describes all the possibilities offered by WeAllEdit.
WeAllEdit is constructed around an administration module and an editorial page and contains the following functionalities.
- Optional Project owner
- See all projects in company
- Upload fonts
- Invite editors
- Deadline and reminder system
- Lock/unlock of specific textboxes
- Graphic comments system
- Control page and time access for each editor
- History of changes
- Change Report
- Revert to earlier versions
- Instant update of page preview
- Instant pdf with corrected content
- Approval overview
- Integration to mailbox
- Translation view
- More editors allowed at the same time
- Invitation e-mail
- Text edit and update preview or pdf right away
- Click on text and start editing
- Graphic comments system
- History of all changes
- Revert to earlier versions
- Approval of document
- Translation view

WeAllEdit.com, Nitivej 10, 1st floor, 2000 Frederiksberg, Tel: +45 7023 0177